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Location: Filming location of the movie "Mermaid ‍♀": Luzui Villa
SMT chip processing reflow soldering method is introduced: Infrared reflow soldering heating method and its advantages and disadvantages: Radiation conduction: high thermal efficiency, large temperature steepness, easy to control the temperature curve,
As a professional pcba proofing platform, we often encounter incomplete information provided by many customers, resulting in delays in delivery. In order to save time and improve consumption efficiency, the editor of Kuaifa Zhizhi will share today: the demand for proofing in smt What information is provided?
Some designers choose to put into consumption directly after PCB design and manufacture, but it is not wise to do so. Many problems can occur in many stages of consumption, assembly and testing. Therefore, it is very important to start with a small amount of PCBA proofing:
When we stop pcba proofing, we need to make some necessary preparations before stopping consumption to ensure that this work can be carried out efficiently. The most common and effective testing method is to select a suitable supplier based on the design and complexity of the product. There are many suppliers of PCBA l……
In each step of PCBA processing, it is necessary to strictly follow the processing request and stop the meticulous quality inspection to ensure that no products with processing defects and quality risks enter the next processing link. Today, the PC
The workshop is the main artery of the PCBA factory, and most of the consumption and processing must be stopped inside the workshop. Regarding a PCBA factory, the environment of the workshop and the quality of its personnel are the key to highlighting its
Throwing refers to that the placement machine sucks up the material from the feeder (ie: Feeder) without attaching it to the specified position on the board, but throws the material into the throwing box, including components that are not accurately sucke
SMT processing is an abbreviation for the process of soldering components on a PCB circuit board through a placement machine and a reflow soldering machine. Whether the components can work normally, whether the final circuit board can guarantee normal wor
In PCBA processing, because many high-precision circuit boards have a large number of BGA and IC chips, the core components of the package cannot directly see the internal welding state from the surface after welding. Therefore, PCBA processing plants mus
The goal of the SMT process is to produce qualified solder joints. To obtain a good solder joint, it depends on the proper pad design, the proper amount of solder paste, and the proper reflow temperature profile. These are process conditions. Using the same equipment, some manufacturers have a higher welding qualificat……
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