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Analysis of Causes of Throwing Materials in SMT Chip Processing
Time:2021-11-05 Read: 1677

Throwing refers to that the placement machine sucks up the material from the feeder (ie: Feeder) without attaching it to the specified position on the board, but throws the material into the throwing box, including components that are not accurately sucked from the top. The throwing rate of new machines for normal placement machines is a few thousandths to ten thousandths, but after a few years of use of the equipment, as part of the equipment is worn out, oily or blocked in the gas path, etc., the throwing rate rises sharply. The increase in the throwing rate has caused the reduction of the factory's production efficiency and the increase of the production cost, and it is important to affect the product quality.

There are various reasons for the throwing of the placement machine, which can be summarized as the following factors:

1. Incoming materials

The components are dirty, damaged, irregular incoming materials, oxidized pins, etc., incoming materials are packaged irregularly, and bulk packaging cannot be machined

2. SMT equipment problem

If the suction nozzle is deformed and blocked, the material is not in the center of the material, the vision, camera, and the reflective surface of the suction nozzle are not clean, and the air pressure is insufficient, etc.

3. Personnel operation issues

If the feeder is not installed in place, the roll material is not cleared immediately, the programming parameter setting is wrong, etc.

4. Production environment

The high temperature and insufficient humidity in the workshop cause dust and static electricity when the material is dried; the workshop has poor airtightness, poor dust-proof facilities, and too much dust causes the machine to be easily dirty and vacuum blocked, etc.

Only by analyzing the reasons for throwing materials can the countermeasures be adjusted immediately. Of course, no matter how hard the factory works, dumping cannot be avoided 100%, and it can only be controlled. If it is mass production, the industry standard is: Class A materials (chips) zero throwaway, Class B materials (diodes, crystals, etc.) are 0.1%, and Class C materials (CHIP materials, RC, etc.) 0.3%. However, it is difficult to apply industry standards for proofing or small batches of hundreds or thousands of sets. If you are processing or purchasing materials, you need to pay attention to not one-to-one (collecting) materials, especially C-type materials, you need to prepare more, so Prevent insufficient delivery due to lack of materials.

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