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In the whole process of SMT, in addition to equipment operation time, product switching time is particularly important. Shortening and reducing product switching time is one of the ways to improve the efficiency of the production line.
The placement machine must not only be fast, but also be accurate and stable. In the actual operation process, each placement machine mounts electronic components with different specifications and speeds. For example, the accuracy of LED components is relatively low relative to the accuracy requirements of SMT componen……
SMT technology introduction Surface mount technology (SurfacdMountingTechnolegy, referred to as SMT) is a new generation of electronic assembly technology. Cost, and automation of production. This kind of miniaturized components is called: SMY device (or SMC, chip device). The process of assembling components on a prin……
First check whether the material size setting of the program is correct, the height of the suction nozzle, whether the suction nozzle is worn or not, and whether the vacuum percentage is normal. Then check whether the feeder coordinates are shifted during the production transition (requires regular colleges and univers……
1. SMT placement machine programming production practice (1) Set the basic information of the circuit board (Board); (2) Fixed circuit board (Unit Conveyor);(3)……
1. Ideal solder joints It has good surface wettability, that is, the molten solder should spread on the surface of the welded metal and form a complete, uniform……
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