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Yamaha SMT Mounter operation method
Time:2021-10-08 Read: 2040

1. SMT placement machine programming production practice

    (1) Set the basic information of the circuit board (Board);

    (2) Fixed circuit board (Unit Conveyor);

    (3) Set the origin information (Board Offset);

    (4) Set reference point information (Board Fiducial);

    (5) Set the mark point information (Mark);

    (6) Set mounting information (Board Mount);

    (7) Set component information (Parts);

    (8) Set each mounted component (Board Mount) in the mounting information;

    (9) Save and optimize the program; (Save, Optimizer);

    (10) Call up the program and press the "start" button on the machine control panel to start automatic processing.

2. Offline software applications (YGOS, FLEXA, SAMSUNG)

Application of YGOS offline program; open PROTEL file, extract BOM of material list, copy EXCEL coordinate file, and convert EXCEL file into "PRN" format; edit ASCⅡ to convert font, edit program conversion method; complete copy program to mounter to calibrate application and many more. FUJI machine offline software FLEXA application and so on. The application of SAMSUNG software.

3. The structure, maintenance and repair of the placement machine

YAMAHA placement machine component structure and disassembly diagram; weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance of the machine; replacement of wearing parts; adjustment of machine parameters; adjustment of placement feedback, etc.

4. Learning materials and content

In addition to studying the machine's operation manual, learn about the working principle of the SMT placement machine, programming steps, maintenance examples of common failures and the maintenance process of the placement machine.

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