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How to program and produce SMT Mounter
Time:2021-10-08 Read: 1425

How to program and produce the SMT placement machine is divided into two stages:

One is offline preparation.

The second is online debugging. Each factory has different specific details according to its own placement machine model and management mode. I will take our company process as an example.

The offline preparations are as follows:

1. First, organize the customer's BOM. Programming needs to be done on the computer, so it must be electronically filed. Generally in excel format

2. Extraction of coordinates. There are three situations:

(1) If the customer sends the coordinates of the exported excel or txt file, it is enough to directly use the programming software to merge the coordinates with the BOM you have organized.

(2). If the customer sends a PCB file, then you need to export the coordinates by yourself. Generally, you can export it in excel format with protel99 or PADS2007.

(3). The customer only provides a BOM, but the coordinates are not available. At this time, a scanner is needed. After scanning the PCB, the points are saved in CAD format, and then the coordinates and BOM are combined.

3. After the BOM and coordinates are synthesized, check whether there is any omission or relocation. If there is, the engineering department needs to contact the customer to confirm, and save it in the format required by the machine after OK.

These three steps, offline programming is almost complete.

Online debugging:

1. Import the compiled program into the machine.

2. Find the origin and make a mark.

3. Gradually correct the position number coordinates.

4. Optimize the save program, check the component direction and data again.

5. Turn on and make a first confirmation.

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