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How to solve the throwing problem of SMT Mounter caused by program problem?
Time:2021-10-08 Read: 1449

First check whether the material size setting of the program is correct, the height of the suction nozzle, whether the suction nozzle is worn or not, and whether the vacuum percentage is normal. Then check whether the feeder coordinates are shifted during the production transition (requires regular colleges and universities). Finally, check whether the compressed air is normal (clean the solenoid valve, replace the air pipe, recalibrate the air pressure).

After all the above checks are correct, you need to correct the laser height of the placement head, the rotation center of the suction nozzle and the deviation of the plate placement head (fixtures are required, please do not operate at will, inexperience may cause the equipment and the program to be messed up, and the right may also hit Bad patch header).

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