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Electronic components procurement

Why outsource the procurement of electronic components?

With the refinement of the industrial division of labor, more and more electronic product R&D companies have streamlined their organizational structures and allocated limited resources to the core competitiveness of R&D and sales, thereby outsourcing the cumbersome production and manufacturing links. Under the trend, it is bound to increase the demand for PCBA labor and materials. Customers only need to provide design documents to allow electronic manufacturers to purchase electronic components and complete the PCBA manufacturing process in accordance with the design requirements. This mode of contracting labor and materials saves the cost of personnel and sluggish costs in the customer's self-built material procurement, inspection and warehousing. On the contrary, it will save the total cost of the client enterprise and improve the efficiency of financial and product turnover.

How do we ensure that the purchase of electronic components is a genuine channel?

We have a complete supply chain management system, conduct strict audits and certifications for all suppliers, and recognize samples and small batch specifications to ensure supplier qualifications. In addition, we are equipped with a powerful IQC incoming material inspection mechanism, conduct AQL sampling standard inspections on all core components, and are equipped with professional inspection laboratories and equipment.

Our advantages in purchasing electronic components

The purchase of electronic components is determined by two factors: price and supply continuity. We can give full play to the price advantage of centralized procurement and establish a ten-year cooperative relationship with the original factory and agents, and can obtain priority guarantee of continuous supply and original factory technical support, which is unmatched by a single company for procurement. Client companies purchase more from various online traders, which cannot ensure the consistency of quality and cannot have better prices.

Domestic A-share listed companies GEM listed companies and foreign group companies so trust in outsourcing the procurement of electronic components to us, because we have established a complete set of components procurement, inspection, warehousing and other technical means, quality is ours The first lifeline.

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