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How to improve the efficiency of SMT Mounter production line?
Time:2021-10-08 Read: 1705

In the whole process of SMT, in addition to equipment operation time, product switching time is particularly important. Shortening and reducing product switching time is one of the ways to improve the efficiency of the production line.

1. SMT placement program processing

The SMT placement machine production line consists of multiple equipment, including solder paste printers, placement machines, reflow soldering, etc., but in fact the speed of the production line is determined by the placement machine. An SMT placement machine production line usually includes a high-speed placement machine and a high-precision placement machine. The former mainly mounts chip components, while the latter mainly mounts ICs and special-shaped components. When the time for these two placement machines to complete a placement process (hereinafter referred to as placement time) is equal and smaller, the entire SMT placement machine production line will exert greater production capacity. In order to achieve this goal, the placement program can be processed as follows.

A. Load distribution is balanced. Reasonably allocate the number of components to be mounted on each SMT device, and try to make the mounting time of each device equal. When the number of components to be mounted on each device is allocated for the first time, there will often be a large gap in mounting time. This requires adjustments to the production load of all equipment on the production line according to the mounting time of each device, and the mounting time Some components on the longer equipment are moved partly to another equipment to achieve a balanced load distribution.

B. SMT equipment optimization. Optimizing the numerical control program of each device is to make the placement machine meet these conditions as much as possible in the production process, so as to achieve higher-speed placement and reduce the placement time of the equipment. The principle of optimization depends on the structure of the device. Some principles will be contradictory when optimizing the program, and they should be compromised in order to select a suitable optimization plan. Optimization software can be used in load distribution and equipment optimization. The optimization software includes equipment optimization procedures and production line balancing software. The optimization program of the equipment is mainly optimized for the placement program and the configuration of the feeder. After obtaining the component BOM table and CAD data, the placement program and feeder configuration table can be generated. The optimization program will optimize the movement path of the placement head and the configuration of the feeder to minimize the placement of the head. Move the distance to save mounting time. Production line balancing software is an effective tool for optimizing the entire production line. The optimization software uses certain optimization algorithms. The current optimization software has a certain degree of intelligence, which can complete the optimization process faster, better and better.

2. Eliminate bottlenecks

The SMT placement machine production line is composed of multiple automation equipment. When the speed of a certain equipment is slower than other equipment, then this equipment will become a bottleneck restricting the speed of the entire SMT production line. Generally, bottlenecks often appear on the placement machine. To eliminate the bottleneck phenomenon is achieved by adding placement machines. Under normal circumstances, we will purchase a high-speed placement machine, a multi-function placement machine, because it has the characteristics of both a high-speed machine and a high-precision machine, and the range of placement components covers high-precision placement machines and high-speed placement machines , It can solve the bottleneck problem caused by high-speed placement machine or high-precision placement machine. The current development trend of placement machines is also in this direction to meet the needs of the market.

Adding a placement machine to the production line can solve the bottleneck problem and speed up the rhythm. This method provides more production capacity and more feeder positions to better balance the production line without significantly increasing the complexity of the production line management This is far greater than the increased production capacity of a single placement machine.

3. Implement strict and effective management measures

SMT equipment is a mechatronics precision equipment. Implementing strict and effective management measures at work is an important way to improve the efficiency of the SMT placement machine production line. For example, install the components to be supplemented on the spare feeder in advance; while the production line assembles the last few pieces of the previous batch number, make preparations for the next batch of products on the production line.

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