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Detailed requirements of PCBA processing for workshop environment
Time:2021-11-17 Read: 1413

The workshop is the main artery of the PCBA factory, and most of the consumption and processing must be stopped inside the workshop. Regarding a PCBA factory, the environment of the workshop and the quality of its personnel are the key to highlighting its corporate culture and excellence. So today, let's walk into the workshop and understand the requirements of PCBA processing on the workshop environment and personnel.

PCBA processing PCBA consumer equipment and SMT patch processing technology have certain requirements for the workshop's power supply, ventilation ability, temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, anti-static, and consumer wear accessories. In addition, the workshop environment tends to be clean and tidy, in order to reduce the harm to the health of workshop workers such as oil and dust. At the same time, environmental protection and greening are the pursuits and goals of modern development. The reason is that the environment of greening and greening can reduce or control the generation of pollution sources. It can be seen that the material particles are relatively large, which mainly affects the visibility in the workshop, which affects the operation of the workers in the workshop and the supervision of management personnel. At the same time, visible particles often greatly reduce the service life of the air-conditioning system and the equipment in the workshop.

Detailed requirements of PCBA processing for workshop environment

1. Temperature and humidity request

For the normal operation of the equipment and the high specification requirements for the production process, the environment temperature of the workshop is best controlled at 23±3 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is best when the relative humidity is 45%-70%RH.

2. Ventilation ability

Both reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment have exhaust and flue gas exhaust requirements, and the exhaust fan should be configured according to the equipment requirements. Regarding the full hot blast stove, the minimum flow rate of the exhaust duct is generally required to be 14-15m/min.

Three, power request

The power supply voltage and power meet the requirements of PCBA processing equipment. The voltage is stable, and the general request is single-phase AC220V (220±10%, 50/60Hz), three-phase AC380V (380±10%, 50/60Hz). If the request is not met, a regulated power supply is required, and the power supply is greater than the power consumption of the device. The power supply of the placement machine requires independent grounding. Generally, a three-phase five-wire wiring method should be adopted. Due to the high speed of the placement machine, it is easy to produce electromagnetic interference when connected with other equipment, which affects the normal operation and placement accuracy of the placement machine.

Four, static protection request

The IC and other fine electronic components touched in PCBA production are often easily damaged by static electricity. Therefore, static protection is also very important. Usually, people entering the workshop must wear anti-static overalls and work caps. Shoes need to be covered with shoe covers. Anti-static bracelet.

The workshop is the center of the PCBA factory and the "home" that most of the staff rely on. It is the factory's inescapable obligation to ensure the well-being of the staff. It is indispensable and important to regularly request training for the workshop environment and personnel for small batch PCBA proofing. Link.

The above is an introduction to the requirements of PCBA processing on the workshop environment. I hope to help everyone. At the same time, if you want to understand more PCBA processing information, you can pay attention to the update of Leading Proofing.

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