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Quality inspection during PCBA processing
Time:2021-11-17 Read: 1502

In each step of PCBA processing, it is necessary to strictly follow the processing request and stop the meticulous quality inspection to ensure that no products with processing defects and quality risks enter the next processing link.

Today, the PCBA processing factory will give you a brief introduction to the quality inspection in the PCBA processing process.

The quality inspection content of PCBA processing includes incoming material inspection, process inspection and appearance assembly board inspection. The quality problems found in the process inspection can be corrected based on the rework status. The rework cost of unqualified products found in the incoming inspection of PCBA foundry materials, solder paste printing and pre-welding inspection is relatively low, and the impact on the reliability of electronic products is relatively small. However, the rework of unqualified products after welding is completely different.


PCBA processing welding inspection is to stop all inspections for welding products. The general requirements are as follows: check whether the spot welding is bright, whether there are holes, holes, etc.; check whether the spot welding is crescent-shaped, whether there is more tin and less tin, whether there is a tombstone, Defects such as bridging, moving parts, missing parts, tin beads, etc. And whether all components have different levels of defects; check whether there are short-circuit, guide and other defects in the welding, and check the color change of the printed circuit board.

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