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For PCBA proofing, how can it meet your needs
Time:2021-11-17 Read: 1485

When we stop pcba proofing, we need to make some necessary preparations before stopping consumption to ensure that this work can be carried out efficiently. The most common and effective testing method is to select a suitable supplier based on the design and complexity of the product. There are many suppliers of PCBA labor and materials on the market. Service and technical strength are also mixed, so choose a PCBA patch proofing company with proper qualifications to pay attention to the following 5 points.

1. First, look at the proofing requirements, whether PCBA processing manufacturers can really meet:

1. Look at whether the product manufactured by the manufacturer is high-end, mid-range or low-end, and which category of product is manufactured, can the manufacturer provide PCBA proofing requirements.

For some high-precision PCBA processing, ordinary proofing companies cannot provide such services due to technical talents and equipment reasons.

2. If the manufacturer can provide it, it depends on whether the manufacturer's delivery time can be fast enough!

Many PCBA proofing needs attach great importance to the short delivery time. The faster the product can be achieved, the faster it will be implemented. Many companies are unable to respond quickly to the delivery time. It is faster in an urgent situation and can shorten the delivery time to within 8 hours.

3. There are still some small batch orders, whether PCBA processing manufacturers can accept them.

The fundamental needs are met, and the next four main points are:

2. The level of specialization of the factory

PCBA processing is a relatively complex process, from PCB proofing to subsequent placement, plug-ins, etc., requiring the coordination of various departments. Whether the factory has the ability to process products, the professional level is particularly important.

1. Professional equipment

PCBA processing and consumer demand are very professional equipment, such as high-speed mounting equipment, multi-temperature reflow soldering, ICT online tester, AOI tester and other equipment, are the foundation to ensure consumption.

2. Process management

In addition to professional consumer equipment, PCBA proofing requires process-based management to professionally control the quality. Comparable circuit board service manufacturers will pass ISO9001 quality management system, IAF, IPC-A-610E electronic assembly acceptance specifications and other certifications, and will pass SOP job instructions and other materials and documents to guide employees' behavior. After checking the factory's material documents and qualification certification, I can roughly understand the strength of the factory's quality control.

3. Professional testing process

In addition to professional equipment and professional process management, a complete inspection process is also required. Everyone knows that proofing is a precision job. The mounting of many electronic components, DIP and even the plug-in soldering including many pins, the whole process is complicated and the quality may be problematic. Therefore, it is necessary to check every level, strictly inspect quality defects, and "check for deficiencies and make up for leaks." A PCBA proofing company that values quality will have well-equipped testing procedures:

IQC incoming inspection, SPI solder paste inspection, online AOI inspection, SMT first article inspection, appearance inspection, X-ray soldering inspection, BGA device repair, QA inspection, anti-static storage

Three, service understanding

A PCBA proofing manufacturer with a good understanding of service can take the initiative to take the responsibility when a customer encounters a problem, respond quickly, and solve the problem for the customer. PCBA proofing manufacturers provide processing services, not real products. Therefore, the understanding of the service of a PCBA proofing manufacturer is very important. The understanding of the service of PCBA proofing manufacturers can understand the company's corporate culture through its official website, and the attitude of the business personnel to customers.

4. Industry experience

In the past, the PCBA industry was in a stage where some poorly operated PCBA proofing manufacturers closed down one after another. PCBA manufacturers with years of industry experience have stronger comprehensive strength and more advantageous services.

Five, price

In the market, the price of PCBA proofing is relatively transparent. Some are expensive and some are relatively low, but the price is not as low as possible. Some PCBA proofing manufacturers choose to purchase genuine, original brand components and implement strict quality control, which will increase the processing cost; and some PCBA proofing manufacturers may cut corners in order to reduce prices, resulting in unstable quality and entrusting quality. Very poor, many defective products. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, we should choose a suitable cost-effective PCBA proofing manufacturer based on our own situation.

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