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How to choose pcba proofing manufacturer
Time:2021-11-17 Read: 1451

Some designers choose to put into consumption directly after PCB design and manufacture, but it is not wise to do so. Many problems can occur in many stages of consumption, assembly and testing. Therefore, it is very important to start with a small amount of PCBA proofing:

   Cost-The first batch of PCBA proofing patches can help you find ways to reduce the cost of circuit board manufacturing and assembly; in addition, a large number of defective designs will also cost a lot of money.

   Find out design flaws-smt patch proofing can help you find out design flaws and correct them before consumption starts.

   Appropriate testing-testing can ensure that the PCB design is working properly and reduce the risk of errors before consumption.

  How to choose pcba proofing manufacturer.

   Before stopping the design and stopping the pcba test, you must first select an appropriate pcba proofing factory. Here are the important questions to make the right choice:

   Can PCB Proofing Factory internally consume exposed printed circuit boards?

   Can the entire manufacturing process be subcontracted to a third party?

   Can the pcba proofing factory have the technical experience and talents to meet the needs of circuit board design?

   Can the replenishment installation be able to quickly and directly obtain the required information and components?

   Is it possible to manufacture parts according to the required time arrangement?

  The necessary information for PCBA proofing and ordering.

   Most people will need the following related information in order to start a new project in the pcba factory:

   The amount of proofing necessary for PCBA.

  PCBGerber file.

   Data Sheet (BOM), which lists all electrical components in detail.

   PCBA sample entrust time.

   After receiving the required materials, the engineer will first check the materials and decide whether they can correctly meet the PCBA proofing deadline and detailed execution request.

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