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What are the key points of SMT patch plug-in processing
Time:2023-08-10 Read: 1711

What are the key points of SMT patch plug-in processing

1. For the components that require immersion tin soldering, only dip once. Repeated tin immersion will cause the printed board to bend and the components to crack.

2. In the process of SMT patch welding, in order to avoid electrostatic damage to the components, the electric soldering iron and soldering furnace used should have a good grounding installation.

3. The choice of printed circuit board should be small thermal deformation, and copper foil coating should be strong. Due to the narrow traces of the copper foil assembled on the surface and the small pads, if the anti-stripping ability is lacking, the pads are prone to peeling and peeling. Generally, epoxy glass fiber substrates are used.

4. For rectangular chip capacitors, use larger-looking capacitors, such as type 1206, which is easy to weld, but due to uneven welding temperature, cracks and other thermal damage are easy to appear; use smaller-looking capacitors, such as type 0805, although The welding is difficult, but it is not easy to show cracks and thermal damage, and the reliability is high.

5. If the PCB board needs to be repaired, the number of disassembly and assembly of components should be reduced as much as possible, because repeated disassembly and assembly will lead to the complete scrap of the printed board. In addition, for mixed printed boards, if interposing components hinder the disassembly and assembly of chip components, they can be removed first.

The welding of chip components in SMT chip plug-in processing is very complicated. The operator should learn the welding skills and understand the precautions, and operate carefully to prevent errors and affect the quality of welding.

The above introduction on "What are the processes of SMT patch plug-in processing" and "What are the key points of patch processing", I hope you can understand the "clarification of important steps in patch processing and clarification of common precautions" for assistance.

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