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The difference between PCBA processing X-ray test and slice test
Time:2021-09-30 Read: 1412

In PCBA processing, because many high-precision circuit boards have a large number of BGA and IC chips, the core components of the package cannot directly see the internal welding state from the surface after welding. Therefore, PCBA processing plants must be equipped with relevant testing equipment. The test equipment for this type of welding is mainly X-ray.

So what does slice detection do? Its main application link is still on the PCB board, and the quality of the PCB board is sliced and tested. However, if there are major quality abnormalities in the SMT patch, it is also necessary to slice and inspect the special parts of the entire soldered circuit board. Both are internal conditions for soldering circuit boards, but the application links are different.

What is X-ray inspection?

X-ray is mainly used for the emitter in the machine to emit high-energy electrons to generate X-ray for sample penetration imaging. Because the density of each structure in the sample is different, the image displayed when X-ray penetrates different objects will have black and white grayscale differences, thereby showing the location and shape of the defects in the sample. X-ray inspection is a non-destructive sample analysis, other tests can be carried out later.

X-ray inspection application scenarios

1. Observation of internal defects of IC package (disconnections, packaging material holes, cracks, etc.);

2. Observe the welding state of the assembled electronic circuit board (such as abnormal conditions such as empty welding, pilling, bridging, etc.);

3. Analysis of the porosity ratio of solder joints;

4. Observe various materials from the front, side and oblique angles;

5. Observe the filling of the porous material.

Application of Cross Section Test

Mainly used for destructive detection of abnormal parts of samples. First, take samples of abnormal parts, then seal and cure the modified parts with resin, then grind and polish, and finally zoom in and inspect under a microscope.

Compared with the frequency of using X-ray, the probability of using slice detection is very low, and it is not very common for us.

Why choose Shenzhen Leicas Precision?

1. Strength guarantee

▪ SMT workshop: It has imported placement machines and multiple optical inspection equipment, which can produce 4 million points per day. Each process is equipped with QC personnel, who can keep an eye on product quality.

▪ DIP production line: There are two wave soldering machines. Among them, there are more than ten old employees who have worked for more than three years. The workers are highly skilled and can weld all kinds of plug-in materials.

2. Quality assurance, high cost performance

▪ High-end equipment can paste precision shaped parts, BGA, QFN, 0201 materials. It can also be used as a model for mounting and placing bulk materials by hand.

▪ Both samples and large and small batches can be produced. Proofing starts at 800 yuan, and batches start at 0.008 yuan/point, and there is no start-up fee.

3. Rich experience in SMT and soldering of electronic products, stable delivery

▪ Accumulated services to thousands of electronic companies, involving SMT chip processing services for various types of automotive equipment and industrial control motherboards. The products are often exported to Europe and the United States, and the quality can be affirmed by new and old customers.

▪ Delivery on time, normal 3-5 days after the materials are complete, and small batches can also be shipped on the same day.

4. Strong maintenance ability and perfect after-sales service

▪ The maintenance engineer has rich experience and can repair the defective products caused by all kinds of patch welding, and can ensure the connection rate of each circuit board.

▪ 24-hour customer service staff will respond at any time and solve your order problems as quickly as possible.

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