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SMT patch processing factory dot coating process!
Time:2022-07-11 Read: 1673

Dispensing has a wide range of applications, from aircraft and ships to small production of clothes and toys, where critical glues may be required. It can be said that as long as the glue reaches the place, it needs the key glue craft service. In the processing of the SMT chip processing plant in the electronic processing factory, there are some special electronic components that cannot only use the general solder paste soldering process, because of their particularity, the general solder paste soldering process will cause them to appear. Some issues that affect use and life. Generally speaking, in SMT processing, some special processing measures, such as dispensing technology, will be taken for such SMT components. In the processing of SMT chip processing plants, there are generally two types of glue dispensers, manual and automatic, which are used for small batch and large batch production respectively. An important part of the dispenser is the dispensing head.

  According to the different distribution pumps, the dispensing head can be divided into four types: time pressure type, screw pump type, linear positive phase displacement pump type, and jet pump type.

  1. Linear positive phase shift dispensing head. The straight-line positive phase shift dispensing head has good consistency of glue points during high-speed dispensing. It can dispense large dots, but the cleaning is messy, and it is sensitive to the air in the patch glue.

  2. Jet pump type dispensing head. The jet pump type is a non-contact dispensing head. Fast dispensing and insensitive to board warpage and height variations.


  SMT chip processing

  Third, the screw pump dispensing head. The screw pump type dispensing head has high flexibility and is suitable for dispensing various patch glues.

  4. Time pressure dispensing head. In everyone's impression, the air pump has always been the direct dispensing method in SMT patch processing. It operates using a compressor to generate a controlled pulsating air flow based on the time pressure principle. The longer the air flow during operation, the greater the amount of coating material that is pushed out of the needle.

  The choice of dispensing and filling equipment is actually very elegant. If chosen well, it will bring new impetus to the company's development and new technological innovations. If the choice is not good, not only will it not help us to improve the production process, but also lead to waste of resources. , let's burn out the machine all day.

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