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Introduction to the specific steps of PCBA proofing process!
Time:2022-07-21 Read: 1887

With the development of the times, the electronic industry products are developing in a series of directions such as miniaturization, precision, thinning of the body, and fan heat dissipation. The requirements for PCB processing and assembly density are increasing. We all know that in the chip processing industry, when processing the chip, it is not only necessary to ensure the integrity of the chip, but also pay attention to the surface of the chip. Whether the solder joints are complete, because if the solder joints are incomplete, there will be a series of problems such as solder joint failure. The following will introduce the specific operation process of PCBA proofing:

  PCBA proofing operation process

  1. Customer orders

  The customer places an order with the PCBA processing factory according to the actual situation, and puts forward specific requirements. The PCBA processing factory will evaluate its own ability to see if it can complete the order. If the PCBA manufacturer determines that it can complete the order within a certain period of time, the two parties will negotiate to determine the details of each production.

  2. Production materials provided by customers

  After the customer decides to place an order, the PCBA processing factory will provide a series of documents and lists such as PCB electronic files, coordinate files, and BOM lists required for production.

  3. Raw material procurement

  The PCBA processing plant purchases the relevant raw materials from the designated suppliers according to the documents provided by the customer.

  4. Incoming material inspection

  Before PCBA proofing, all raw materials used, PCBA processing factory needs strict quality inspection. After being qualified, it can be put into production.

  5. PCBA production

  When doing PCBA proofing, in order to ensure the production quality, whether it is SMD production or welding production, PCBA processing manufacturers need to strictly control the furnace temperature.

  6. PCBA test

  PCBA processing plants also require strict testing, and only PCB boards that pass the test can be delivered to customers.

  7. Aftermarket packaging

  After the PCBA proofing is completed, the product needs to be packaged and then delivered to the customer to complete the entire proofing work.

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