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Precautions for PCBA processing aluminum base plate manual solder wire!
Time:2022-06-17 Read: 1225

In the production process of PCBA processing aluminum substrates, in order to ensure a good application effect, manual soldering tin wires are usually used. So, what problems should be paid attention to in PCBA processing aluminum substrate manual soldering wire? Next, Shenzhen PCBA processing manufacturer - Lekas will introduce to you.

What are the precautions for manual welding of PCBA processing aluminum substrates?

1. Pay attention to the welding temperature

Due to the particularity of the aluminum substrate material, in order to ensure the welding effect, it is necessary to operate at the temperature level during welding, the welding temperature should be kept as constant as possible, and attention should be paid to the welding accuracy, so as to ensure a good application effect.

2. Choose the right raw materials

In the welding process, it is particularly important to choose the right raw materials. Try to choose some ultra-low temperature electrodes and their relative fluxes, so that the welding effect will be very good.

3. Spot welding with a soldering iron tip is harmful

The tip of the soldering iron transfers heat to the spot welding. The key is to increase the total contact area. Using an electric soldering iron to apply force to the spot welding has no effect on the heating, and in many cases will cause damage to the welded part. Solder joints such as resistors, power switches, connectors, etc. are generally fixed on plastic preforms.

Although manual soldering is rarely used in the production of large electronic equipment, manual soldering is still inevitable for the maintenance and adjustment of electronic equipment. At the same time, manual welding is a theoretical professional skill, and the quality of welding will also damage the maintenance effect.


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