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Purchase cost in PCBA OEM!
Time:2023-08-31 Read: 1661

Costs incurred in the process of PCBA OEM and material procurement. Some costs are visible, that is, costs that are easier to analyze or can be derived directly from financial statements; some are invisible, that is, those that are difficult to analyze or easy to ignore. These two types of costs are divided into "explicit costs", "intrinsic costs" and "hidden costs". Next, the PCBA processing factory Lexus will give you a simple explanation.

 PCBA foundry material procurement cost

  1. Explicit costs, including procurement plan costs, raw materials, semi-finished or finished products costs, procurement management costs, transportation costs, acceptance costs, etc.

  An accurate procurement plan can accurately predict and master the production plan of the enterprise, which can enable the enterprise to minimize the occupation of procurement funds on the premise of meeting the needs of product production, and at the same time conduct a comprehensive analysis of the supply market and adjust the order plan. Evaluate and select suppliers. The preparation of the procurement plan can be said to be the primary link in the entire procurement process, and its expenditure is also called the procurement plan preparation cost.

  The cost of raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products refers to the purchase price of the goods. There are many reasons that affect the price of foreign purchases, including commodity market price, commodity quality, market supply and demand, etc.

  The cost incurred in the process of purchasing business behavior is the cost of purchasing management. It includes labor costs, bidding costs, construction costs, hospitality, office expenses, travel expenses, etc.

  The transportation of purchased materials will inevitably incur costs, that is, transportation costs. Choosing a scientific, economical and reasonable transportation method will save a lot of transportation costs for the enterprise. Enterprises with a certain scale and strength should pay more attention to the transportation link and realize the standardization and specialization of the procurement process. Choose appropriate transportation methods and plan reasonable transportation routes to save freight and reduce procurement costs.

  Purchased raw materials, semi-finished products or products need to be inspected before they can be put into storage. In order to avoid the storage of raw materials, semi-finished products or semi-finished products of unqualified quality, the storage inspection of materials must be strictly controlled. Once it is found that the product quality is substandard, damaged, in short supply, or even the product variety is misplaced, the enterprise will not only face the cost of return and replacement due to variety, quality, quantity and other reasons, but also the production line may be stopped due to the shortage of raw materials or semi-finished products. operation, resulting in cost shortages.

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