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How to effectively reduce the production time of PCBA proofing?
Time:2023-09-07 Read: 1640

Now the domestic electronic processing industry is very prosperous. As a good processing company, the sooner the order is completed, the better. Let's talk about how to effectively reduce PCBA proofing time.


First of all, for the electronic processing industry, there are often urgent orders. In order to effectively reduce the PCBA proofing time, the first is not to waste time on things other than proofing operations. For example, before proofing, carefully read the PCBA proofing documents and contracts, determine the requirements for the entire proofing, and then prepare the required materials in advance and arrange proofing personnel. If two shifts are required, arrange staff attendance and shifts to ensure that all preparations except technical are completed.

Secondly, the planning of PCBA proofing scheme should be more standardized. Generally speaking, the PCBA proofing time is five days to half a month. The reason for the time difference is that the design scheme in the design is not standardized, which makes the manufacturer take a detour in the production. Therefore, the design scheme should be standardized, such as how many heat dissipation holes should be reserved on the circuit board, such as where are the silk screen marks printed? It may just be a parameter written in the design scheme, but it can effectively reduce the PCBA proofing time.

Finally, it is also important to control the number of PCBA proofs. If there are too many plans at the beginning, it will increase the cost, but try to do as much as possible during the PCBA proofing, because the board may be burned during the performance test.

The above points are ways to shorten the PCBA proofing time. In addition, the efficiency of PCBA proofing is also related to factors such as technical experience. Therefore, as a processing enterprise, it should be improved in technology.

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