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What problems need to be considered in PCBA processing?
Time:2023-11-23 Read: 1341

What issues need to be considered during PCBA processing?

1. Design of single board transmission and positioning elements for automated consumption lines

For automated production line assembly, PCBA must have the ability to transmit edges and optical positioning symbols, which is a prerequisite for production.

2. PCBA processing and assembly process design

The component design structure of the components on the front and back of the PCBA determines the process methods and methods during assembly.

3. Component planning and design

The position, direction and spacing design of components on the assembly surface. The design of components depends on the welding method used, and each welding method has specific requirements for the placement, direction and spacing of components.

4. Assembly process design

For the design of welding pass-through rate, through the matching design of pads, solder masks and stencils, the quantitative and fixed-point stable distribution of solder paste is completed; through the design of planning and wiring, the simultaneous melting and solidification of all solder joints in a single package is completed; Reasonable connection design of holes, 75% tin penetration rate, etc., these design purposes are to improve the welding yield.

Matters needing attention in PCBA processing and welding

1. Warehouse management personnel should wear anti-static gloves when sending materials and testing IQC, and use the instrument to be firmly grounded, and the work surface should be covered with anti-static rubber pads in advance.

2. During the operation, use an anti-static work surface, and at the same time use an anti-static container to hold components and semi-waste products. Some welding equipment can be grounded, and the electric soldering iron must be of anti-static type. All equipment must be tested before use.

3. When the PCBA is processed through the furnace, because the pins of the plug-in components are scoured by the tin flow, some plug-in components will be inclined after being welded in the furnace, causing the component body to exceed the silk screen frame. Therefore, the repair welding personnel after the tin furnace are requested to Abort proper correction.

4. When soldering horns and batteries, PCBA should pay attention that the solder joints should not be too much tin, and should not cause short circuits or scattered surrounding components.

5. The PCBA substrate needs to be placed uniformly, and the bare boards cannot be stacked directly. For stacking, it needs to be packed in electrostatic bags.

Precautions for PCBA processing finished product assembly

1. The whole machine without shell uses anti-static packaging bags

Regularly inspect anti-static tools, devices and materials to ensure that the working conditions meet the requirements.

2. Follow the steps below when assembling the finished product

Warehouse → production line → production line upgrade software → assemble into a complete machine → QC test → write IMEI number → QA full inspection → restore factory settings → storage; software must be upgraded before assembly. Due to improper welding, short circuit, operation process problems, etc., it cannot be upgraded, resulting in misjudgment of poor PCBA.

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