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What are the points of the quality inspection of pcba proofing?
Time:2023-11-23 Read: 1639

What are the points of the quality inspection of pcba proofing? In order to achieve SMT's quality goals of high yield and high reliability, it is necessary to control the design scheme, components, data, process, equipment, rules and regulations of the printed circuit board. Among them, the S-based process control MT patch proofing manufacturing industry is particularly important. Before entering the next process, MT must follow reasonable testing methods to avoid various defects and hidden dangers.


SMT patch sample processing and welding test are comprehensive tests for welding products. Generally, the points that need to be tested are: check whether the spot welding surface is smooth, whether there are holes, holes, etc. ; Whether the spot welding is crescent shape, no more or less tin, no tombstones, bridges, parts movement, defects, tin beads and other defects. Whether each component has defects of different levels; check whether there are short circuits, wires and other defects during the welding process, and check the color changes on the surface of the printed circuit board.

The quality inspection of SMT patch proofing includes incoming material inspection, process inspection and surface assembly board inspection. The quality problems found in the process inspection can be corrected according to the rework situation. The rework cost of unqualified products found in incoming inspection, solder paste printing, and pre-soldering training is relatively low, and the impact on the reliability of electronic products is relatively small. But the rework of unqualified products after welding is completely different. Since repairs after soldering require disassembly and soldering, in addition to working time and materials, components and circuit boards will also be damaged. According to the defect analysis, the quality inspection process of SMT patch proofing can reduce the defect rate and rejection rate, reduce rework and maintenance costs, and avoid quality hazards at the source.

In the patch process, in order to ensure the soldering quality of the printed circuit board, it is necessary to always pay attention to whether the reflow soldering process parameters are reasonable. If there is a problem with the parameter setting, the soldering quality of the printed circuit board cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the furnace temperature must be tested twice a day and the low temperature test once. Only by continuously improving the temperature curve of the welding product and setting the temperature curve of the welding product can the quality of the processed product be guaranteed.

The quality inspection of professional SMT patch proofing must be very strict. Only strict quality inspection can guarantee the reliable quality of SMT processed products. S is ubiquitous in MT factories in the Pearl River Delta, and there are even nine electronic processing plants in ten industrial zones. If you want to survive and expand in this environment, ensuring product quality is a prerequisite.

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