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Advantages of SMT chip processing
Time:2021-10-27 Read: 1401

   The smt patch was born with the development of the electronics industry, and developed with the development of computer application technology, electronic technology and information technology. SMT patch can develop rapidly due to its own advantages. The following Leicas technicians will introduce some of the advantages of SMT patches.

   1. Electronic products have high assembly density, light weight and small size.

  Compared with the traditional perforated element, the chip element has a smaller mass and a smaller footprint. Generally speaking, SMT technology can reduce the quality of electronic products by 75% and the volume by 60%.

   2. Strong anti-vibration ability and high reliability.

  Since the electronic components have short or no leads and are firmly mounted on the surface of the pcb, the SMT patch has strong vibration resistance and high reliability. The defect rate of SMT solder joints is one order of magnitude lower than that of THT.

   3. Good high frequency characteristics.

Because the electronic components reduce the influence of the lead distribution characteristics and are firmly bonded to the PCB surface, the parasitic inductance and parasitic capacitance between the leads are greatly reduced, thereby greatly reducing radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference, and improving high frequency characteristic.

  4. Improve production efficiency and easily realize automation.

   Compared with THT, SMT is more suitable for automated production. THT requires different inserters (DIP inserter, axial inserter, radial inserter, ribbon braiding machine, etc.). ) According to different components, each machine needs to adjust its assembly time, resulting in heavy maintenance workload. However, SMT only needs one placement machine, different placement heads and placement racks to install various electronic components, reducing maintenance workload and adjustment preparation time.

   5. Reduce costs.

   SMT leads to an increase in PCB wiring density, a decrease in area, a decrease in the number of holes, and a decrease in the number of PCB layers with the same function, all of which reduce the manufacturing cost of the PCB. Components with short leads or no leads save lead material, omit bending and wire cutting procedures, and reduce labor and equipment costs. The improvement of frequency characteristics reduces the cost of RF debugging. The size and weight of electronic products are reduced, which reduces the cost of the whole machine. Good welding reliability reduces maintenance costs. Therefore, after general electronic products adopt patch technology, the total cost can be reduced by 30%-50%.

   With the maturity and development of technology, SMT patch technology will also develop in the direction of miniaturization, higher speed, and lower cost. Leicas will continue to improve quality and provide customers with high-quality services. "

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