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Differences between PCB and PCBA
Time:2021-10-27 Read: 1181

  Some novices in the electronics manufacturing industry may not be very clear about PCBA and PCB, but they may also be confused. When they are new to the electronics industry, they will also encounter such problems. In order for everyone to quickly identify and reduce unnecessary troubles, Leicas will introduce the difference between PCB and PCBA.


   There are many names for PCB, which can be called circuit board, circuit board, printed circuit board, etc. PCB is an important electronic component, used to support and connect electronic components.

  Second, PCBA

  PCBA is the English abbreviation of printed circuit board assembly, but in foreign countries, PCBA is generally translated into PCB assembly. Through surface mounting, DIP plug-in and testing, the printed circuit board blank is formed into a finished product, which is called PCBA.

   Third, the difference between PCBA and PCB.

   The printed circuit board is an empty board with nothing on the surface. PCBA is processed on an empty PCB board with resistors, capacitors, chips and other components mounted on it to form a circuit board with certain functions. The core part of all electronic products is composed of PCBA.

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