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Where is the most expensive link in PCBA processing?
Time:2022-08-22 Read: 1811

   Many customers of Pcba Processing Industry may only have two words, high or low, for the quotations that suppliers give them. This high-low comparison may refer to the quotations given by previous suppliers, or it may be the average price of the current industry. So, in the one-stop service of PCBA foundry, which link has the highest price. Today, Leicas will share with you:

   If you want to know the part of Gao Zai, you need to decompose the whole process of contracting labor and materials. pcba (PCBAssembly) means PCB assembly, so it must include two parts, namely, the light board of the circuit board and the component welding (after smt surface mount/DIP plug-in welding). Then the price of light board in our market is between 350-550, and the price of components is basically open and transparent in major commercial cities, which can be used for reference.

   As the main PCB boards and components have no black box price increase, the cost is reflected in the assembly process. The main cost of this link is reflected in the following four aspects:

  (1) Accessories: solder paste, tin bar, flux, UV glue, furnace fixture;

  The quality of solder paste and welding rod is an important material in the whole process. Generally, the price of domestic solder paste is 180~260/bottle, while the price of imported solder paste may be 320~480/bottle. In the same welding area, the price of imported solder paste will be much higher, but the difference in welding quality is very obvious.

  ② smt patch processing.

   According to the number of points and packaging, the price of patch processing will vary. Large quantity and high price is the consensus of the industry. The larger the package size of the component, the easier it is to install, and the corresponding inferior quality will be reduced, so there is more room for communication in terms of price.

  ③The labor cost of DIP plug-in unit after welding;

   Since the plug-in process involves the forming of special-shaped parts and materials, a lot of manual participation is required. Because there is no reference to the production capacity of machinery and equipment, this process is the most difficult to control cost. At the same time, labor costs remain high, and the cost of this link is generally high.

  ④Assembly test: test fixture, test equipment and test man-hours;

   At present, depending on the difficulty of the test, the test fixture ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan. The test of communication equipment requires optical fiber, ICT and other test equipment. The corresponding labor and equipment losses need to be considered, but not very high. Some companies even test it for free.

   Therefore, through the above analysis, the most uncontrolled cost among several major links is DIP, which is why many companies only do smt.

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