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SMT chip processing
  • SMT chip processing
  • SMT chip processing
  • SMT chip processing
  • SMT chip processing
SMT chip processing
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Shenzhen Leicas Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides customers with high-end SMT chip processing services, equipped with 5 YAMAHAΣ5SII automatic high-speed SMT chip production lines, automatic board loading machine, automatic solder paste printer, and SPI solder paste thickness detector , Multi-temperature zone reflow soldering, AOI optical inspection equipment, X-Ray inspection machine, baking machine, steel mesh cleaning machine, etc., providing long-term processing and manufacturing services for domestic listed companies and group customers. The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, etc., and supports the placement of precision electronic components such as 0201,01005 components, BGA, and QFN.

The advantages of our SMT chip processing

1. A quality team with more than 15 people effectively controls important process links such as IQC incoming inspection, IPQC process inspection, OQA factory inspection and so on;

2. Equipped with a team of 5 electronic engineers to provide constructive improvement suggestions for DFM manufacturability inspections and engineering processes in the production process to effectively improve product quality and production efficiency;

3. The company implements the Quick Response mechanism, where professional sales personnel will connect with customers and respond to any abnormal situation within 1 hour;

4. Implement an ERP management system, effectively supervise the PMC production planning process, and ensure delivery;

5. Use ESD static protection pearl cotton or static bag for safe packaging to ensure the safety of the product during transportation.

SMT patch processing open price

The quotation is generally determined based on the customer's BOM and GERBER documents. The public price of SMT patch processing is: SMT solder joints 0.012 yuan, plug-in solder joints 0.045 yuan (including 13% value-added tax). If there are special process requirements such as hand soldering, the price needs to be checked separately, and the cost of wave soldering jigs and related carriers that are thrown in at a time is not included.


Normal delivery time for SMT patch processing

Under normal conditions, the delivery time for SMT patch processing will start to be shipped in 4-6 days, excluding national public holidays.

How to cooperate in SMT processing?

You only need to send us the BOM, GERBER, and coordinate files of the relevant project for quotation. After the price is determined, you will prepare the materials and PCB boards and deliver them to us for verification, and you can start the relevant SMT service.

Shenzhen Leicas Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is positioned at high-end SMT processing services, escorting the quality of customers at home and abroad, carefully checking every SMT process technology, and building trust with professionalism.

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