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Many customers of Pcba Processing Industry may only have two words, high or low, for the quotations that suppliers give them. This high-low comparison may refer to the quotations given by previous suppliers, or it may be the average price of the current i
虽然不是强制性的,但大部分SMT元件是回流焊,而通孔元件是波峰焊。在通孔PCBA组装技术中,组件被插入钻孔中,通过波峰焊形成牢固的焊点。通常,通孔零件是手动插入的。   对于贴片元件,焊膏直接涂在焊盘上,使元件的引线保持在一个位置。当PCB经过特殊的回流焊时,焊膏会回流。这里,形成了牢固的焊点。如果您使用……
The country has vigorously supported the integrated circuit industry, and my country's PCBA industry will also benefit and maintain a good development trend, but it will also face some difficulties, such as the surge in upstream PCBs and components, w
With the continuous development of technology, various products have been improved in the processing process, and PCBA foundry materials are chosen in many places. This method is really great. Now, let me explain further to you. What are the main advantag
Introduce the processing and testing methods of PCBA patches.   PCBA patch processing technology is very complicated, including PCB manufacturing process, component procurement and inspection, SMT patch assembly, DIP plug-in, PCBA testing and many
Costs incurred in the process of PCBA OEM and material procurement. Some costs are visible, that is, costs that are easier to analyze or can be derived directly from financial statements; some are invisible, that is, those that are difficult to analyze or
With the development of science and technology, many electronic products are developing in the direction of miniaturization and refinement, which makes the size of many SMD components smaller and smaller. Not only the requirements for the processing envir
With the development of the times, the electronic industry products are developing in a series of directions such as miniaturization, precision, thinning of the body, and fan heat dissipation. The requirements for PCB processing and assembly density are i
Dispensing has a wide range of applications, from aircraft and ships to small production of clothes and toys, where critical glues may be required. It can be said that as long as the glue reaches the place, it needs the key glue craft service. In the proc
In the process of smt patch processing, quota management should be implemented for solder paste, patch glue, and component loss as one of the control contents of key processes. The production of smt patch directly affects the quality of the product, so it
PCBA processing requires many protective measures, such as dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-salt spray, anti-static, etc. Today, we mainly understand the dust-proof measures in the PCBA processing process. Anyone familiar with the PCBA industry knows that
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