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Standard control of SMT patch processing technology!
Time:2023-09-27 Read: 1594

In the process of smt patch processing, quota management should be implemented for solder paste, patch glue, and component loss as one of the control contents of key processes. The production of smt patch directly affects the quality of the product, so it is necessary to control the processing parameters, technology, personnel, equipment, materials, processing inspection, workshop environment and other factors.

  Key positions must have a clear post responsibility system. All operators must undergo strict training and inspection, and work with certificates. PCB production enterprises should formulate a set of standard production management methods, and implement first-piece inspection, self-inspection, mutual inspection, inspector inspection standards, etc. If the inspection of the previous process fails, it shall not be transferred to the next process.

  1. Mass production management

  Nonconforming product control procedures should clearly define the separation, marking, recording, review and disposal of nonconforming product. Generally, the SMA modification is not more than 3 times, and the component modification is not more than 2 times.

  2. Repair and maintenance of PCB production equipment

  Important equipment is regularly inspected by full-time maintenance personnel to ensure that the equipment is always in good condition, track and monitor the condition of the equipment, find problems in time, take corrective and preventive measures, and repair them in time.

  3. Production environment.

  ①Water and electricity supply system.

  ②Environmental requirements of PCBA production line----temperature.humidity.noise.cleaning.

  ③PCBA site (including component library) anti-static system.

  ④In and out standard of PCBA chip processing line. Equipment operating procedures.

  4. The production site is reasonably set up and marked correctly; warehouse materials should be stored in categories, stored in products, stacked regularly, and recorded consistently.

  5. Production culture. Including: clean and free of clutter; civilized work, no rude and disorderly work behavior.

  On-site handling must be guided, inspected, inspected, and recorded, and "6S" (sorting, sorting, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, service) is carried out every day.


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