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What are the requirements for the working environment of SMT patch plug-in processing?
Time:2022-04-06 Read: 1648

SMT patch plug-in processing is easy to understand: capacitors or resistors on electronic products, add special machine paste, and after soldering, make them stronger and not easy to fall to the ground. For example, we often use products such as computers and mobile phones. Small capacitors and resistors are neatly arranged on the motherboard. These capacitors and resistors use SMT chip plug-in processing technology.

SMT is the abbreviation of Surface Mount Technology, which is a very popular processing technology in my country's electronics industry.

SMT chip plug-in processing environment requirements, humidity and temperature have certain requirements, in order to ensure the quality of electronic components, so that multi-channel processing can be completed in advance, the working environment has the following requirements:

First, the temperature requirements. The optimum temperature of the workshop throughout the year is 23±3℃, which cannot exceed the temperature of 15~35℃.

Secondly, humidity control requirements. The humidity of the SMT chip plug-in processing workshop has a great influence on the quality of the product. The higher the relative humidity of the environment, the more easily the components of the electronic system are affected by moisture, which affects the performance of the conductive materials and makes the welding not smooth. If the humidity is too low, the air in the workshop is easy to dry, and it is easy to generate static electricity. Therefore, when enterprises enter the SMT chip plug-in processing workshop, processing technicians need to wear anti-static clothing. Generally in this case, the development requires our workshop to maintain a constant humidity of about 45%~70%RH

In addition, clean requirements, no odor and dust in the workshop, and keeping the interior clean and free of corrosive materials will seriously affect the reliability of capacitors and resistors, increase the failure and maintenance rate of chip processing equipment, and reduce production progress. The cleanliness of the workshop should be 100,000 (BGJ73-84).

Finally, there are requirements for power supply stability. In order to avoid equipment failure during processing and affect the processing quality and progress, it is necessary to add a voltage stabilizer to the power supply to ensure the stability of the power supply.


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