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Protective facilities must be provided during PCBA processing and production
Time:2023-06-02 Read: 1826

In PCBA processing operations, static electricity is very harmful to sensitive electronic components, so electrostatic protection and its importance are a systematic project. The SMT processing plant must first establish and inspect basic anti-static projects, such as ground wires, floor mats, Taiping, environmental protection anti-static king projects, etc. Once the equipment enters the workshop, if it is found that the environment does not meet the regulations, it will be troublesome to rectify it. After the basic engineering of the smt chip processing production line is completed, if it is a dedicated site for long products, anti-static equipment should be configured according to the anti-static requirements of long products. If it is a multi-variety product, it should be configured according to high-level anti-static equipment.

Protective facilities must be equipped in the process of PCBA processing and production

Anti-static work area It is forbidden to directly use wooden floors or lay wool, hemp, chemical fiber and ordinary floor leather in the on-site anti-static work area. Choose a floor composed of static conductive materials, such as anti-static raised floors or regular floors. Set up anti-static raised floors and ground them effectively.

The ceiling material in the anti-static area should choose anti-static products. Generally, the use of gypsum board is allowed, and the use of ordinary plastic products is prohibited. Anti-static wallpaper should be used for wall coverings. Gypsum paint or lime paint is generally allowed on the walls, and ordinary wallpaper and plastic wallpaper are prohibited.

The anti-static device on the anti-static sticker processing production line should be separated from the lightning protection line, the grounding device should be reliable, and there should be a complete electrostatic leakage system. The workshop should maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment. Humidity is 65% 5%; the inlet should be equipped with ionic air bath equipment. A triangular ESD static sensitive symbol with a painted hand inside indicates that the object is very sensitive to damage caused by ESD.


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