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How to improve the efficiency of SMT and what is the precision of SMT processing?
Time:2022-03-16 Read: 1634

The accuracy of SMT chip processing includes the positioning accuracy of the placement machine, the repeatability of the placement machine and the resolution of the placement machine. After load balancing, in order to improve the patch efficiency, some measures are taken to pick up as many heads as possible.


1. The positioning accuracy of the placement machine.

The positioning accuracy refers to the position of the theoretical component and the tendency of the component position. The factors affecting the accuracy of the component are translation error and rotation error. The translation error mainly comes from the X-Y axis positioning system, and the rotation error refers to the insufficient accuracy of the component centering mechanism.

2. The repeatability of the placement machine.

The repeatability refers to the repeated installation of the placement machine at a specific coordinate position, and the resulting deviation is the repeatability. Therefore, the sample accuracy given by the smt mounter is expressed as the repeatability of the mounter.

3. Mounter resolution.

After the placement head receives the pulse command signal, the resolution of the R-axis is the resolution of the placement machine, and the rotation of the R-axis of the placement head is 0.0024/pulse to 0.0024/pulse, the smaller increment of the resolution machine running The motion accuracy of the machine itself is an important energy indicator.

Improve the efficiency of SMT chip processing.

1. Load balancing. In order to ensure that the two SMT chip processing machines have the same placement time, the number of patch components of the two SMT chip processing machines is reasonably allocated.

2. The SMT chip processing machine itself. The SMT chip processing machine itself has a large speed value, but it is usually difficult to do this. It has a certain relationship with the X/Y structure placement machine. On the patch speed, head configuration measures should be taken as much as possible. In addition, during the placement process, components of the same type are placed together, reducing the number of assemblies and saving placement time.

The entire production process of the SMT chip processing machine consumption line theoretically touches a lot of equipment, but if any equipment runs too slowly during the processing process, it will delay the entire SMT process and affect the completion of the theoretical process. Therefore, we not only need scientific and systematic theoretical guidance, but also have experienced personnel operating on site to maximize our expectations.

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