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What are the advantages of PCBA's one-stop service?
Time:2023-04-12 Read: 1684

PCBA processing is an electronic processing industry with a relatively high degree of mechanical equipment integration. The more and more mature smt processing industry and the improvement of manufacturing process continue to improve the yield and efficiency of PCBA processing products. Compared to PCB and SMT, PCBA is processed separately. What are good values?

  The advantages of PCBA are summarized as follows. I believe it will be helpful to some small enterprises, and I hope to lead technology enterprises that choose electronic processing manufacturers.

  1. The PCBA factory has a complete departmental system, a clear division of labor, and rich industry experience.

  2. The PCBA factory has many procurement channels and few links, which is conducive to shortening the delivery time.

  3. The PCBA factory has a complete quality management system, and the product quality is guaranteed.

  4. It can effectively reduce enterprise management cost, labor cost, time cost and material cost.

  5. The quality inspection department inspects incoming materials to avoid a series of problems caused by the quality failure of self-purchased materials.

  6. As long as you are responsible for payment and harvest, the cost calculation is convenient and clear.

  7. The delivery time of the company's own finished products is controllable, and the delivery plan can be reasonably arranged.

  8. Material management system and warehousing, component storage and extraction are convenient.

  9. After-sales maintenance of the product is guaranteed.

  10. A small amount of components may not be available, and the PCBA factory will solve it.

  11. Good supplier channels, continuous and stable cooperative relations, guaranteed quality of component procurement, and easy cost control.

  12. Always focus on one-stop PCBA customization. The engineering team and production line equipment created by reasoning are only born for PCBA intelligence.

  13. Reduce circulation links in product production, improve quality traceability, and ensure quality consistency. PCB manufacturing, component mining, PCBA processing, testing and assembly are done in only one factory.

  14. Make full use of the division of labor resources and reduce unnecessary expenses. Design, development, production and production belong to different stages. Professional things, looking for professional people to do it, is more efficient, quality is more guaranteed, and costs are easier to control. .

  15. The production of products only goes through one manufacturer, and the confidentiality of intellectual property rights is higher.

  16. The unified integration of components and other materials and component resources can reduce repeated purchases, reduce losses, and reduce company costs.

  17. Reduce communication costs and improve time-to-market. There is no need to connect components, PCBs, PCBAs and test assemblies individually. Nowadays, the iteration speed of technological products is extremely fast, and time determines the living space.

  18.PCBA one-stop service. Cases and situations in various industries are handled. We have more experience in dealing with emergencies that may arise during the production of new products.

  19. Lekas always focuses on PCBA one-stop service, product production follow-up is more professional, quality control is more refined, and after-sales service is more intimate.

  20. The list of PCBA customer cases is more complete, which can fully stand the test of the market. It is more meaningful for customers who are customizing PCBA processing for the first time, and it is not easy to be deceived.

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