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What are the PCBA processing modes?
Time:2023-03-31 Read: 2236

There are two main modes of PCBA processing cooperation, one is PCBA processing mode, and the other is PCBA OEM processing mode. The PCBA processing mode generally refers to pure processing, while the PCBAOEM processing mode generally refers to all links including PCB board production, component procurement, smt placement, dip plug-ins, and PCBA testing. In some special cases, PCBAOEM materials need to design PCBA solutions for Shenzhen products. How to choose depends on the degree of customer needs. Next, let's take a look at these two PCBA processing modes.

1. PCBA processing mode

There are generally two modes of PCBA processing with incoming materials. Generally, all PCB circuit boards and required electronic components are provided by the customer, but there are special cases where the customer only provides one of the materials. If the customer only provides circuit boards, the PCBA processing factory is required to provide electronic components procurement services. If the customer provides electronic components, the PCBA processing factory is required to provide PCB board production services.

For customers, the advantage of the PCBA processing mode is that the quality is controllable, which can reduce the cost of parts procurement, but the disadvantages are also obvious. One is that it needs to occupy excess inventory, and the other is that due to the particularity of materials, the storage warehouse will also have special requirements such as temperature and humidity, so it will be very troublesome in storage and management.

2. PCBA OEM mode

PCBA foundry materials, also known as PCBA contract labor and materials, means that customers provide detailed production materials such as BOM lists and Gerber files, and the rest of the work is completed by the PCBA processing factory. After the contract is signed, the PCBA processing plant will provide PCB manufacturing, electronic component procurement and assembly processing services based on production materials. In addition, there are some special cases of PCBAOEM mode, that is, customers provide product concepts, and PCBA processors need to provide PCBA solution development design and circuit design. For customers, the advantage of PCBA OEM service is that it can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and it can also transfer the pressure of quality control and inventory to the PCBA processing factory, but its disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the price is high;

Both approaches have their pros and cons. When customers choose processing services, they can make reasonable choices according to their own needs. PCBA processing fees are also quoted and charged according to different processing methods. Generally speaking, the cost of PCBA processing mode is lower, while the cost and expense of PCBA foundry materials will be higher, especially the services including solution development, which are also more expensive.

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