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What should be paid attention to in SMT chip processing and production?
Time:2023-05-18 Read: 1818

SMT chip processing and production processes must have strict standardized processes to avoid errors during high-frequency circuit replacement and material replacement. In addition, during the processing, the placement machine equipment must be checked regularly. Next, Lexus will introduce the relevant content to you in detail.

1. SMD production process

1. Remove the paper feeder from the placement machine and take out the used paper tray.

2. The SMT operator can take material from the material rack according to his own station.

3. The operator checks the removed material with the job number sheet to confirm that the specifications and models are the same.

4. The operator checks the new pallet and the old pallet, and checks whether the specifications and models of the two pallets are exactly the same.

5. The operator's inspection of its material can show whether the enterprise is consistent with the pallet.

6. If there is any abnormality, the placement machine operator should immediately notify the delayed processing.

7. Take a sample from the new tray and place the material on the old and new trays.

8. Take the newly installed Feida material, paste it on the refueling process record sheet, and fill in the relevant data such as refueling working time and operator management.

9. Put the feeder back into the placement machine according to the placement machine station; you need to fill in your supplementary information records effectively.

10. The operator should notify the project quality management personnel to carry out material matching and testing, and carry out material changes and inspections.

11. IPQC checks whether the data information can be correctly developed and whether the site is correct according to the site number table.

12. Before starting production, the operation inspection of the above placement machine has been completed.

2. Precautions for SMT chip processing

1. When processing SMT patches, we all know that solder paste is basically used. For the newly purchased solder paste, if it is not used immediately by the SMT factory, it should be stored in a place of 5-10 degrees so as not to affect the use of the solder paste. Don't put it in a sub-zero environment. If it is higher than 10 degrees, it is not acceptable.

2. During the installation process, the placement machine equipment must be checked regularly. If the patch factory equipment is aging or some parts are damaged, it is necessary to repair or replace the equipment in time to ensure that the patch will not be bent and there will be no high throwing. In this way, the production cost can be reduced and the production efficiency can be improved.

3. In SMT chip processing, in order to ensure the quality of SMT chip processing and welding, it is necessary to always pay attention to whether the setting of the technical parameters of the reflow soldering process is reasonable. If there is a problem with the parameter settings, the quality of SMT patch welding cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, in general, the furnace temperature needs to be twice a day.

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