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How to choose a suitable PCBA plate maker?
Time:2023-03-16 Read: 1565

First of all, see if the PCBA plate maker can really meet the proofing needs:

1、 Look at whether the manufacturer’s products are high-end, mid-range or low-end, and in which field the product is produced, whether the manufacturer can provide its own PCBA plate making needs for some high-precision PCBA plate making. Due to technical capabilities and equipment reasons, General Proofing Company cannot provide such services. If the manufacturer can provide it, it also depends on whether the manufacturer's delivery time is fast enough. Many PCBA plates need to pay great attention to short delivery times.

The faster the product will land. Many companies cannot respond quickly to delivery times. When I say fast, I mean 24 hours delivery. In an emergency, it is faster, and the delivery time can be shortened to less than 8 hours3. There are also some small-volume orders, regardless of whether the PCBA plate maker promises or not, the basic requirements are met.

Next, we mainly look at four points: The degree of specialization of factory PCBA plate making is a relatively complicated process. From proofing to subsequent patches and plug-ins, coordination and cooperation of various departments are required.

Whether the factory has the ability to process products is particularly important. Whether there are professional equipment PCBA plate making production requires very professional equipment, such as high-speed installation equipment, multi-temperature zone reflow soldering, ICT online tester, AOI tester and other equipment, which is the basis for guaranteeing production.



2. Is there a professional process management

 PCBA plate making requires not only professional production equipment, but also process management for professional quality control. Better circuit board service manufacturers will pass ISO9001 quality management system, IAF, ipc-a-610e electronic assembly acceptance standard certification, and will guide employees' behavior through SOP job instructions and other data files.

By viewing the factory's data files and qualification certificates, you can get a rough idea of the strength of the factory's quality control. Is there a complete testing process? In addition to professional equipment and professional process management, there should also be a complete testing process. As we all know, proofing is a good job.

For the assembling and pasting of many electronic components, the dipping and even insertion soldering of many pins, the whole process is complicated and there may be problems in quality. Therefore, it is necessary to check at all levels, strictly investigate and deal with quality defects, and "check vacancies and fill vacancies." PCBA proofing companies that value quality will be equipped with complete test procedures: IQC incoming inspection, SPI solder paste inspection, online AOI inspection, SMT first article inspection, appearance inspection, X-ray welding inspection, BGA equipment maintenance, QA inspection, and anti-static storage And storage.

3. Service consciousness

PCBA proofing manufacturers with a good sense of service can take the initiative to take responsibility when customers encounter problems, respond quickly, and solve problems for customers. PCBA plate making manufacturers provide processing services, not real products. Therefore, the service awareness of PCBA proofing manufacturers is very important. For the service awareness of PCBA plate making manufacturers, you can go through their official website.

 4. Industry experience

Understand the company’s corporate culture and business staff’s attitudes towards customers. At present, the PCBA industry is in the scourge of sand. Some poorly managed PCBA proofing manufacturers have closed down one after another, while PCBA manufacturers with many years of industry experience have strong comprehensive strength and good service.

 5. Price

In the market, the price of PCBA plate making is relatively transparent. The price is high or low, but the lower the price, the better. Some PCBA plate making manufacturers choose to purchase genuine and original brand components and implement strict quality control, which will increase processing costs; in order to reduce prices, some PCBA plate making manufacturers may cut corners, resulting in unstable quality, poor delivery quality and many Defective product. As the saying goes, we should choose a suitable and cost-effective PCBA plate maker according to our own situation.

Shop more, learn more, compare more. Only what suits you is the most suitable.

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