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Related problems needing attention during SMT patch processing
Time:2023-07-06 Read: 1319

  SMT patch processing refers to attaching components to a PCB printed with glue or solder paste through a placement machine, and then soldering through reflow soldering. SMT chip processing is highly praised by electronic product customers for its advantages of high assembly density, small size, and high quality of electronic products.

  Leicas, as a modern SMT placement processing company, basically completes the work on the automatic placement machine production line. The automatic placement production line is mainly composed of a fully automatic board feeder, a full-visual solder paste printer, a connection table, a placement multi-function placement machine, a connection table, and a multi-temperature zone lead-free reflow soldering configuration. Only a small number of technicians are required for the entire automatic placement assembly line.

   The advantage of SMT patch processing technology is that the volume of patch components is only about 1/10 of that of traditional plug-in components. After SMT patch processing, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40%-60%. SMT processing is easy to realize automation, improve production efficiency, save materials, energy, equipment, manpower and time, and reduce costs by 30%-50%. The weight of SMD components is only 10% of traditional plug-in components. After the patch is generally used, the weight is reduced by 60%-80%.

   Similarly, the placement machine will encounter various problems during the processing, such as missing parts, side parts, overturned parts, deviations, damaged parts, etc. , It is necessary to analyze and manage various factors such as "human, machine, material, method, environment", so as to improve the quality of SMT processing and reduce the corresponding defect rate.

  If it is the quality problem of the placement equipment itself, it will be more troublesome. Because there is a problem in a certain link of the SMT production line, the production of the entire production line will be affected. Whether it is a solder paste printer, a placement machine or a reflow soldering machine, they all need to work normally and cooperate with each other to completely paste the components on the circuit board. In this case, the device should be verified before the patch goes online.

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