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What factors affect the quality of SMT patch processing?
Time:2023-07-14 Read: 1304

The smt processing technology is complicated. The quality of smt processing is related to the stability of the finished product and the life of the product. Therefore, the process of each link needs to be strictly controlled during the smt processing. So what are the factors that affect the quality of smt processing?

Components: The type, model, nominal value, polarity and other characteristics of the components should fully meet the requirements of the product assembly drawing and schedule.

Position: During the installation process, it is necessary to ensure that the ends or pins of the components are aligned or centered, the solder contact patterns of the components must be accurate, and the installation position of the components must be accurate.

Pressure: When installing the patch, the pressure should be well controlled and not too low or too high. If the pressure is too low, the solder paste will easily stick to the components, causing position shift during reflow soldering. If the pressure is too high, it is easy to cause solder paste adhesion.

Pcb: As a substrate processed by smt, the quality of pcb also affects the quality of smt processing.

Furnace temperature curve: When pcb, components, and solder paste are printed normally, the key factor of whether the product is qualified is the setting of the temperature curve.

Equipment: If workers want to do well, they must first sharpen their tools. In smt placement, they need to use the performance of production equipment and production equipment for placement. Therefore, equipment is a means of smt mass production.

Steel mesh: The thickness setting of the steel mesh and the window design directly affect the quality of smt chip processing.

Smt patch manufacturer: Choosing a good patch manufacturer can guarantee the quality of smt patch processing, and the difference in smt patch processing technology will directly lead to equipment utilization, first pass rate and yield.

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