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Medical equipment
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Recast Precision Manufacturing focuses on all growing product applications, not just the production of home healthcare products, personal healthcare products, and other medical products (non-patient-connected products). Recast Precision Manufacturing realizes the production requirements for instrumentation and medical equipment through the system management of documents and traceable processes. We have the ability to help customers complete the assembly of PCBA components or the manufacture of complete products (for example, blood analyzers or other health products). The CMS manufacturing equipment manufactured by Recast Precision meets the requirements of medical certification (ISO 13485:2003). Our company is well-known in the industry for providing excellent quality, technology and customer support services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Experience in one-stop OEM and PCBA motherboard processing for instrumentation & medical equipment products:

Automatic counter equipment

Industrial Automation Instrumentation

Electrical instrumentation

Laboratory instrument

Drawing, calculation and measuring instruments

Supply instruments and other general instruments

Testing Machine

Electronic measuring instrument

Nuclear and nuclear radiation measuring instruments

Special instruments for environmental monitoring

Automobile and other counting instruments

Navigation, meteorology and marine special instruments

Special instruments for geological prospecting and seismic

Teaching equipment

Clocks and timing instruments

Breast biopsy repair system

Blood glucose meter

Hematology equipment

Immune system diagnostic equipment

Industrial Controller

Infrared thermometer

Injection pump

Patient monitoring system

Decompression belt for motion sickness patients and pregnant women

Semiconductor test equipment and mixed signal equipment

Treatment of urinary system repair equipment

Digital X-ray imaging system

Anesthesia Machine



Urine Analyzer

Blood cell biochemical analyzer

Digital color and black-and-white image B-ultrasound system

Magnetic resonance imaging system

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