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Main popular product models:

1. SL1102S is a highly integrated, low-IF 5.8GHz band transceiver chip. The chip uses ASK modulation scheme, FM0 encoding. Integrating wireless switches and other devices, it can achieve -83dBm receiving sensitivity and better than -63dBm wake-up sensitivity (adjustable) with very few peripheral components.

SL1102S wake-up standby power consumption is as low as 4uA, and can be awakened by a specific radio frequency wake-up signal. The transmit power is adjustable from -16dBm to 8dBm. The integrated 256-Byte FIFO can be set to automatic transceiver or MCU control mode, with SPI interface and interrupt output, and interact and control with the main MCU.

2. SL1608 integrates 5.8GHz band radio frequency transceiver, radio frequency envelope wake-up circuit, 48MHz Cortex-M0+ 32bit CPU, 64KByte Flash, 8K SRAM. This product has the characteristics of high wake-up sensitivity, high receiving sensitivity, and low power consumption.

3. SL2523 is a highly integrated low-power non-contact reader chip that supports ISO/IEC14443 Type A/B non-contact communication protocol. It also provides a low-power external card detection function with low voltage, Features such as low power consumption, strong drive capability and good compatibility.

4. SL1801 is a highly integrated, low-IF, car-grade 5.8GHz radio frequency transceiver single chip specially applied to the ETC vehicle-mounted front-mounted OBU system:

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