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USB PD charger motherboard
  • USB PD charger motherboard
  • USB PD charger motherboard
USB PD charger motherboard
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Process capability of our DIP plug-in processing

Plug-in AOI performs component error detection and strict control of DIP pass-through rate

Skilled soldering iron hands with strict training, welding speed and quality controllable

According to the state of the circuit board, a temporary storage area with independent identification is provided around the cable: waiting for plug-in, waiting for repair, waiting for QC inspection, defective product, waiting for QA inspection, etc., to avoid mixed boards.

  Strict IPQC and QA LOT sampling inspection standards to ensure the reliability of DIP processing

DIP plug-in processing equipment

Plug-in line x 2

Wave soldering x 2

Rear welding cable x 26 stations

Plate washer x 2

Sub-board machine x 1

DIP plug-in processing is a part of the PCBA electronic processing process. There are relatively many manual operations, which puts forward higher requirements for management. We have implemented a complete set of quality management system (ISO9001) and equipped with continuously improved automation equipment (such as automatic splitter, automatic spot welding machine, etc.), tooling fixtures, etc., to make our DIP processing service consistency and reliability extremely High, won praise from customers.

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