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After-sales service issues for PCBA processing
Time:2021-11-26 Read: 1920

Many customers are concerned about the after-sales service issues of PCBA processing, such as production quality, reliability of use, maintenance, etc. The after-sales service of PCBA is mainly in two aspects

One is processing with supplied materials. The pass rate can reach 100% under the condition of the test plan provided by the customer. All unqualified products will be repaired until they are qualified. Since processing with supplied materials only provides processing services, the pre-sale guarantee is mainly Still in the PCBA test aspect;

The second is PCBA labor and materials. The orders for labor and materials from the beginning of PCB boarding and component procurement to SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, post-welding, testing, assembly, etc. are all completed by the PCBA foundry. For orders, Changkeshun usually has a few years of after-sales package, and the detailed time can be confirmed with the salesperson. If there is a longer after-sales demand, it can increase the time, and even three to five years after the sale is possible.

In order to better guarantee after-sales service, the customer and the PCBA factory can also sign a quality assurance agreement, which can encourage both parties to have a clearer definition of practical details and prevent many unnecessary disputes.


In addition, the key to the essence of dealing with after-sales scruples is to find a more professional PCBA processing manufacturer. This is because a higher level of craftsmanship can ensure the reliability of the PCBA board, thereby increasing the service life. What's more valuable is that professional electronic manufacturers can help improve the DFM consumer manufacturability of consumption, optimize the design of the PCB board, and gradually reduce costs.

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