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Opportunities and challenges facing PCBA processing industry!
Time:2022-08-15 Read: 1780

The country has vigorously supported the integrated circuit industry, and my country's PCBA industry will also benefit and maintain a good development trend, but it will also face some difficulties, such as the surge in upstream PCBs and components, which will inevitably eliminate some weak PCBA processing custom factories. Better PCBA processing custom factories will continue to develop and resources will continue to be integrated. The PCBA industry mainly has the following changes:

First, it is difficult for large enterprise suppliers to enter.

PCBA board is an important part of electronic equipment, and its quality stability is crucial to the normal function of terminal electronic equipment. Therefore, if a manufacturer wants to become a supplier of a brand, it must not only meet industry standards, but also pass strict supplier qualification certification. Large companies have been certifying their suppliers for at least a year. During the certification process, they impose strict requirements on the supplier's production process, quality management, working environment and even operating conditions. Generally, it takes several rectifications to pass the qualification certification, and only after a period of small batch supply testing can it officially become its supplier. In addition, the development of electronic products in the direction of short, small, thin and light makes the technical requirements of PCBA processing and customization more stringent, and also increases the difficulty of entering large enterprise suppliers.


Second, few people enter the PCBA industry.

In addition to expensive SMT equipment and testing equipment, enterprises engaged in PCBA business also need a lot of working capital investment to improve the material procurement system. At the same time, PCBA's service targets are mainly multinational companies, and their business scale is often large, which requires PCBA enterprises to be an important part of their supply chain and have a large production scale. To achieve large-scale production, can effectively reduce procurement costs and production costs. In addition, the PCBA industry has developed too fast in recent years, and the unfair competition of peers has made the profits of the industry thinner and thinner, and will also reduce the number of people entering the PCBA industry.

Third, the number of bankrupt enterprises increased.

Since 2016, the prices of PCBs and components have started to skyrocket, especially the frequent price increases of Kingboard laminates, making it more difficult for PCBA processing and custom factories, which directly leads to the closure of some companies with imperfect supply chains and weak competitiveness. However, due to the perfect supply chain system, large-scale PCBA processing factories have strong bargaining power and relatively small influence, so there will be a situation where a large company dominates.

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